September 2000
CatalogCity (now called Altura International) has relocated out to Ryan Ranch (just beyond the airport). I don't like the commute, but it is still much better than driving up to Scott's Valley, or beyond! So... I decided to sell my tricycle. I was able to sell it almost immediately - and for nearly what I originally paid for it. So that was good, but I sure miss it on nice weekend days. It was a real blast to ride. To kinda make up for my feelings of loss... I used the money from selling the trike to buy myself a Harley! I'd been dreaming of owning one ever since that trip on John's bike I took in May 1998, It is a new model, FXDXT, introduced for 2001.

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November 2000
We've taken the bike out for a few "short" rides. Last weekend the weather was quite nice both Saturday and Sunday, 70F (21C). So after the morning classes both days we drove out to Carmel Valley for late breakfast. We also rode to Santa Cruz a few weeks ago for a Doran Sensei seminar- our arrival in leather chaps certainly got attention - especially since Danielle taught a seminar there on the previous day and a few folks were quite surprised. The only other 'long' ride was several weeks ago when we rode down to San Luis Obispo via Highway 1 to visit Mary Tesoro - beautiful, but a bit too windy...

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December 2000
Well, we did pull out the motorcycle a couple weekends ago. My brother John, with his latest girlfriend on the back, rode his bike down from Morgan Hill. It was cloudy and a bit cool for a ride, but this was a special event. It was the 16th annual Christmas Toy Charity Ride sponsored by the Monterey chapter of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club. There must have been around 300 motorcycles participating - what a noise we made! The 'parade' left from Seaside; went up Highway 1; then left on Carmel Valley Road out to Laureles Grade Road; back over to Highway 68, and then back to Seaside. It was the first time I had ever ridden in so large a group. Interesting too in that, instead of local police or Highway Patrol, it was Hell's Angels club members that controlled traffic at all the intersections that we passed through! Definitely not an everyday sight.