It must be a sign of progress in getting our lives a bit more under control that our annual newsletter is out before August of the following year! ;-)

Not that it was an uneventful year…

We got the year off to a great start with a 2-night stay at the Lodge in Pebble Beach (thanks to my sister Laura, who worked there at the time).  We had a fabulous room with balcony overlooking the 18th green and fairway!

In March, we took a week-end trip to Lake Tahoe (Homewood Ski area) with Colin to try out our new ski-boards (VERY short skis).  Fun!  Ideal weather and snow conditions!

Also in March, we had an amazing dinner with close friends, Keith & Cyndy, at the famous “French Laundry” restaurant in Yountville.  We’ve promised never to tell anyone the cost!!

After practicing Pilates regularly for 4 years, Danielle enrolled in a certification course in March and is now a certified instructor. She teaches classes at the dojo twice a week, plus private lessons. We also established "One Point Center" as the identity for all activites at our building. See our new website: onepointcenter.com

In April, Danielle made a trip to North Carolina to visit her former mother-in-law, Vera Evans, who just turned 89.  Lots of time relaxing, playing dominoes.

Also in April we attended the Chalone Wine Group’s Annual Shareholder’s Party at the Chalone Winery, with our friends Michael & Anne, Rita & Jordan.  Lots of sun, wonderful wines, and great food.

Once again Danielle and I were among the guest instructors at the annual Mt. Baldy Aikido Retreat over Memorial Day weekend.  This was my 18th year attending the retreat.  This year the waterfall was larger than I ever remember seeing it! 
After the retreat we drove to Las Vegas.  We had reservations at the Bellagio (where we had our honeymoon) and tickets to the new Cirque du Soleil show, “Ka!”  We also planned to spend some time visiting with my Dad.  While driving through the desert we called my Dad’s house and his wife Nancy answered.  For some reason it took her several minutes of my inquiring as to whether Dad was there, when would he be back, etc… for her to finally say that he was in the hospital!  And that he’d been diagnosed with congestive heart failure!  Well, we drove directly there and were quite relieved to see that he was doing well and in good spirits.  We talked some with the doctor and felt much reassured that, although not curable, his condition was manageable and not life-threatening. 
Eventually we made it to the Bellagio and had a wonderful stay there.  Rita and Jordan flew in from Monterey for a couple nights and they joined us to see “Ka!” which I must say is the most impressive stage show I’ve ever experienced!