Michael & Danielle 2016 - Page 3
Michael is still working for MarketAmerica/SHOP.COM.  He’s been with them now for 18 years. 

In May, we took off on a one-night “stay-cation” at the Captain’s Inn B&B in Moss Landing (about 20 miles north of Monterey), with beautiful views from rooms overlooking the Salinas River, close to where it empties into the Pacific Ocean.  After breakfast we enjoyed a walk along the banks of the river and the ocean sand dunes.  On our drive home, we ‘detoured’ slightly to explore the Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge.  This rather hidden gem treated us with a wonderful palette of wildflowers in full bloom.

About an hour’s drive south of Monterey on coastal Highway 1 there is a wonderful and rare natural sight: a waterfall that empties directly into the ocean.  It is called McWay Falls and, though Michael has lived in Monterey for almost 40 years, he had never seen it.  When our friend Tim Detmer from Shingu, Japan, visited us in July it was the perfect occasion for a day-trip down the coast to experience it.

Between a series of seminars in July, Danielle slipped away with our friend Linda for a few days of relaxation at Silver Lake.  Michael couldn’t go because July is one of the two vacation ‘blackout’ months where he works.

It has now been 20 years since we purchased a vacant, ocean view lot and had our home built here in Monterey.  Each day, as we look out across the Monterey Bay, we are ever appreciative of our many blessings.  Still, time takes it toll, and many things are showing their age (not just us!).  So, on weekends when we are not away at an Aikido seminar, or off on a quick vacation, or having the grandkids stay over, we are busy with a growing list of downsizing and home repair projects. In November, Danielle had nursed along a failing refrigerator, a crippled oven, microwave, and a capable but battered dishwasher for about as far as they could go.  Time for a kitchen re-do.  Fortunately our timing coincided with some great deals at HomeDepot.com that saved us more than 40%!

As 2016 came to a close, we boarded an Alaska Airlines flight out of San Francisco, bound for Puerto Vallarta and Yelapa, Mexico… which is a story for next year’s newsletter.
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(photo above, left to right: Salinas River; McWay Falls; New Year's Eve revelers in Puerto Vallarta, releasing a sky lantern)