2017       Newsletter

2017 was a year of surprises and adventures.
As 2016 was drawing to a close, we found ourselves wanting to ‘get away’ for the New Year’s holiday. With much good fortune and the gracious offer of a good friend, we found ourselves in Yelapa, Mexico on New Year’s Day. We first met Judith Roth years ago as a student at our dojo, where she attained the rank of 1st degree black belt. She now focuses on yoga, and more than a decade ago moved to Yelapa, Mexico, a small coastal village accessible only via a 45 minute water taxi from Puerto Vallarta. There, on a steep hillside above a small bay, she built a beautiful home/yoga retreat center she calls the “Sky Temple”. Spending the week there was a week in paradise. Click for more Yelapa trip photos

(left to right, below: Dinner with Judith - Sky Temple - ‘Flying’ on the morning breeze (Sky Temple) - Yelapa ‘beach babe’)
Later in the week we made a trek up into the jungle, with one of Judith’s local friends as our guide, to see the waterfalls and cascades.  Two hours into our walk, Michael’s sandal broke! With him now half barefoot (and at times totally barefoot), we nevertheless journeyed on for another 6 hours!

(left to right, below: Jungle walk – Broken sandal strap – cascade "Paso de Quimixto" - Danielle crossing the Tuito River)