(left to right, below: Danielle with Rick, sailplane pilot - Danielle's takeoff view of STLLLA/BIGRBOB at the Tehachapi RV campground - Aerial view, with towplane in front)
I watched from the runway as the towplane took them aloft, circled to gain altitude, and then released them several miles away. For about twenty minutes they cirled and traversed the valley, slowly losing altitude.  Rick let her 'fly' it for a few minutes. After they landed, I walked over and joined their conversation. Rick was telling Danielle that he had experience flying a number of different aircraft and had also flown and landed “the world’s largest glider”. After a short pause, he said “… the Space Shuttle”! His name is Richard Searfoss, retired USAF colonel/astronaut: Wiki article

He then told Danielle that he always waits until AFTER they land to tell people his background “… just in case it isn’t the smoothest landing”! Needless to say, Danielle was in very good hands while aloft!

Since then we’ve taken the Airstream to visit the kids and grandkids for a few days during the Christmas holidays.  We parked on the street in front of their house and hooked up to their water and electricity.  Nice.
(below: Michael, Danielle, Kara, Deborah, Dennis, Aria, Colin, Keva, Brennan, and Jaclyn)
And at year's end we spent a couple nights at an upscale RV campground on the coast between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay where we celebrated the arrival of the New Year with friends from the dojo that also own an RV.

Wishing all of our loved ones and friends many blessings, peace, and joy in 2018.
Michael & Danielle