A Parade of "Ponies": This year, the 2 older granddaughters decided that the theme for the "Evans Girls Birthdays" party would be "My Little Pony" (MLP). They assigned everyone an MLP character, strongly hinting that we should come in costume :-) Danielle was given the character of "Mistmane" and Michael dressed up as "Starswirl The Bearded". Between the birthday party and the long trips with each of the granddaughters we now know far more about the MLP world than we ever expected!
A Parade of Friends: We invited them - and they came! As we settled in to our new home, we were blessed with numerous visits from family and friends, including friends Rita and Jordan from Panama, and Christoph and Angelika from Germany. These were great opportunities for us to explore this beautiful area: hiking trails, hot springs, Lake Tahoe, and the new Bentley Heritage Distillery (below, with friends, Cyndy and Keith)!
Photos, below, clockwise from top, left: (1) Emerald Bay with friends from Germany, Angelika and Christoph; (2) al fresco dining on our back porch with Marilyn and Tom Read; (3) at Bentley Heritage with Stuart and Katie, and Rita and Jordan from Panama; (4) Nathan, Jessica and family; (5) hiking with Linda Holiday at Silver Lake; (6) patio dining at the StoneFly restaurant with Lauren and Trisha Herr.
Winding Down: December was time to slow down (a bit) and spend with family.  Time to dig through the moving boxes in the garage and find all of our Christmas decorations.  And, for the first time ever, Michael put up outdoor Christmas lights.  The two granddaughters, Aria and Kara, spent a couple days with us, helping 'Grandma' bake Christmas cookies. Michael's sister and husband from So. Cal. were here for Christmas week. The day after Christmas we loaded up our sleigh and made a day trip over the snowy mountains to visit the kids and grandkids.

Wishing everyone Love, Peace, and Happiness in abundance for 2020.
Michael & Danielle