Michael & Danielle's Wedding Album

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As particles, captured by the force of ten thousand compressed suns,
spiraling inward - transcending dimensional
planes as they accelerate
towards infinity -
enter the

We experienced this past Memorial Day weekend in much the same way.
There is an aspect of seeming magic that appears occasionally in our lives and this was truly one of them. A swirling spiral of events and energies, manifesting as a great outpouring of Love by so many friends, coalescing into a spiritual one-point in time-space, along the path, near the peak of Mt. Baldy.
Every Memorial Day weekend for the past 14 years Michael has attended the Mt. Baldy retreat. The setting is beautiful and serene, and the opportunities to practice not only Aikido, but also Qigong, Tai Chi, and Zen meditation make it unique among the various retreat experiences. For the past 5 years, Danielle has also come to this retreat. It is for us a place of great energy, peace, and spirituality.

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We arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and as we drove up the narrow dirt path/driveway Michael stopped the car just before driving over what at first appeared to be just a stick. Backing up, and looking more closely, we discovered that it was a 3 foot long (at least) rattlesnake!
We took our encounter as a symbol of good luck and magic. As we later discovered, according to Native American tradition, the snake represents a transmutation that leads to wholeness.
As circumstances would have it, several nights later, it was at that same spot that we held hands and Michael proposed.

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We trained in the scheduled Aikido class - right up until about 45 minutes before the wedding ceremony. Remember the feeling of training just before taking your shodan test? It was a lot like that!

We wore our keikogi and hakama with haori.

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Personal Vows:
Michael: "I come to you today with all that I am. All my faults, my fears, my inadequacies; my hopes, my dreams, my desires, my talents, and my love. And I ask you to marry me, and that with our partnership we will attain to greater happiness, greater love, and enlightenment."

Danielle: "I love who you have been, I love who you are, and I love who you are becoming. I love how I experience myself with you. I've learned the difference between talking about love and feeling it. Not a day goes by that I do not feel loved. Everyday we say a prayer of thanksgiving for our relationship and the love that we share, which is God's love. We ask for guidance to extend that love to all whom God brings into our day. As we exchange these rings, our daily prayer becomes the prayer of our life together."

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Marriage Vows:
1. We vow in our married life together to continually break through our pre-conceived views of each other and see clearly.
2. We vow to let go of delusions created by thoughts that arise from wanting, holding, checking or making.
3. We vow to support one another in compassion for all beings and to not fall into desire, anger and ignorance in this lifetime or any life to come.
4. We vow to refrain from speaking harshly or deceptively to each other or about one another to others.
5. We vow to practice peaceful and ethical occupations and to support each other in realizing our full potential.

6. We vow to struggle to overcome our own delusions and to see clearly and help build a compassionate, loving home.

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7. We vow to always be mindful of each other and always to start from zero so this practice can become part of our life in all situations.
8. We vow to support one another in our practice, to make our small "I" disappear and to attain to our True Selves which is part of Universal Energy and to always follow the Great Bodhisattva Way.
A story about a Wise Mule and a Stubborn old Monk...
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Zen Master Ji Bong (Dr. Robert Moore)
Cyndy Hayashi, Sensei
Frank Mc Gouirk, Sensei

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Blue Santa ?
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Lunch with Michael's Dad and wife, Nancy, and Danielle's mother, Jeanne, at the Sante Fe Casino, Las Vegas, NV
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Bellagio Hotel, on our way to see the Cirque du Soleil production "O"
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One of the many pools at the Bellagio
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Flowers from our friends at Aikido of Monterey
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Wedding Party at Rita and Jordan's house.
Dancers: Gretchen and Jamaica

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